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The benefits of having income protection

  • arrow-th Salary insurance, also referred to as wage protection insurance or wage insurance; has been designed to offer piece of mind in case you had to stop working due to illness or being injured for a long period. Your rent or mortgage payments and your daily living expenses would be paid through the protection insurance funds.
  • The benefit payment will be up to 75% of your earnings and these payments will continue until you are able to return to work.
  • Wage protection in Australia can be claimed back through your tax return and part/full premium payments could be deducted. Please speak to your tax agent or accountant for more information about tax deduction.
  • The main different types of insurance cover in Australia are the indemnity value, the agreed value and the guaranteed value. Read more about agreed value for income cover or read other information on our Smart site.

Consider your options when choosing a policy

Your insurance premium can vary and it depends on which insurer you end up choosing, however you can always ask if you can tailor your insurance policy based on the following features:

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If you want to save time. Rather than calling several insurance companies to obtain a quote for a self employed income protection or for your personal protection insurance, simply contact SmartIncomeProtection. Getting income protection cover will protect the individual against a loss of income related to illness or injury. With that being understood, the question remains, who should get covered? If you work, you should at least consider getting protection coverage. Be smart about your decisions.

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If you quickly want to compare insurance quotes, simply fill in the form on our Smart website and a qualified adviser will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Compare multiple insurance companies that offer income cover from one place with SmartIncomeProtection. Read more about some main features of this policy. If you would like to know about the cost of this insurance, or to see if it is worth it, you can call us on the number shown above. More about salary cover definition can be found on wiki site.

Do you want a financial planner to review your financial situation? Read how a financial adviser can help you and get in touch to get a free consultation. Did you know that Smart published an Australian tax calculator so that you can easily work out the yearly taxable income? That’s smart!!

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