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Guide to different occupations


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The different insurers available have insurance policies geared towards income protection of people working in certain industries and occupations. They mainly offer certain options and benefits for some specific occupations or offer specific covers to those involved in certain industries or occupations. The following occupations or industries have particular benefits that are available from the various income protection insurance policies that are specially tailored for them.

Tradies and Construction Workers

Work sites have to have mandatory cover for workers and thus there are insurance providers who have come up with particular policies that cover construction workers specifically. These policies have some specific benefits added to them apart from the standard benefits such people enjoy from Australia insurers for these occupations.
Specific injuries benefit
Accident benefit option
For contractors or self-employed persons who have an income that fluctuates, we are capable of offering them advice on the best insurance policy to suit them. This will help them maximize their benefit payments come the time of making the claim.

Miners, Oil and Gas Industry Workers

The workers who fall under this category work in one of the main industries of Australia and thus their rates are very competitive. In an effort to meet the huge demand, several insurers have come up with policies that target workers working in these industries specifically. In order to get a quick quote from us, ensure that you have your job title, the duties you perform and the hours that you normally work for in a work rotation that is considered standard. This information will be crucial for us to give you a quick quote on the insurance policy that is most suitable for you depending with the job you conduct.

Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists and Medical Attendants

For people working in the field of medicine, they are offered competitive rates by insurers. If you own your own medical or dentistry practice, then we are capable of exploring the best insurance policies available for you. This will be policies that are specifically geared to benefit you depending on your job nature. The various specific options or benefits available for people in this occupation are;
• Needle-stick cover
• Non-offset Clause (dentists, surgeons and doctors)
• Cover tht is specifically meant for blood born diseases such as HIV and HEP B.The cover is usually meant for occupationally acquired diseases.

Solicitors, attorneys and high earning executives

This group of professionals also has specific insurance policies that have particular options or benefits that are geared towards the professionals practicing in the fields listed above. One of the main benefits these professionals are set to enjoy from their insurance policy covers is the non-offset clause’. This specific clause enables these professionals to enjoy the potential of their benefits been increased when the time comes for them to make their claim. If your job falls under this category it is paramount for you to call and speak to the financial advisers who will give you comprehensive and cohesive information to enable you learn more about the policies available for these professions.


Farming is a great profession as it produces the quality food and animal products we need as food. However, farmers hugely depend on the nature for their crops and animals to thrive well. Therefore, this seasonal nature involved in agricultural works and farming makes a farmer’s income to fluctuate. This is a common hurdle that most farmers in Australia have to come to terms with all the time. This is why some insurers came up with specific insurance policies that help farmers alleviate this burden. These insurers offer farmers with a reprieve from total loss by calculating the farmers’ benefits using a certain set percentage. The benefits are calculated on a 30% basis of the total farm’s gross turnover. This is the total amount of benefits that the farmer stands to gain in case of loss.

Another option that is available to farmers is by calculation of the benefits on the basis of the farmer’s net income. The financial advisers will be in a good position to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of both these methods before you make your decision. They are also in a position to assist you in making the best choice that will suit your farm well. You should give them a call to ensure that you make an informed choice on the best insurance policy available to farmers.

Other occupations are also covered. Read more here if you are interested in pilot insurance